Jon Havens, originally from Del City, Oklahoma now resides in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Jon is a Graduate of Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science with a dual focus of Business Development and Biblical Studies.

Before entering the insurance industry, Jon had secured over 10 years of experience in several construction fields. He also served as a damage control firefighter in the United States Navy for 4 years.

He entered the insurance industry during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 at a friend’s request and discovered he enjoyed the challenge and helping people through claims handling. He now has over a decade of insurance claims experience. He has worked as both an independent catastrophe and an insurance carrier staff employee. He has experience in home, personal property, additional living expenses, business buildings, business income, property liability, personal liability, and auto claims handling. He has completed both residential and commercial claims. He has personally closed in excess of 10,000 claims.

Jon joined the CRU team as a field adjuster handling property claims in 2016. Jon is currently serving CRU as the AIA Director of Training and Program Manager.



Jonathan Rice, originally from Mobile, Alabama now resides in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Prior to becoming involved with insurance adjusting business Jonathan worked as an educator, coach and group facilitator. After working in assorted adjusting capacities including catastrophe and daily claims in field adjusting, inspections, estimates and reviewing, Jonathan began training adjusters on the use of Xactimate and various insurance courses including scoping and Texas Pre-License Courses.

As the AIA Director of Training, Jonathan operates the AIA Centers Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Florida adjuster training location.
Jonathan’s goal for all classes is simple – to offer effective classes that help further a person’s skills so they can perform their job better. Anyone that has taken a class from Jonathan can attest that these goals are met every class he teaches.

“Your class was great! We loved the one-on-one experience and getting to know you.  We would recommend your class to anyone who wants to acquire a good basis in Xactimate or a great refresher.  I learned more from you in two days than I did from another class in a week!” – Sandra D. -Wilmington, N.C.

“Taking Jonathan’s Xactimate Course was a huge help for me. His hands on, patient instruction allowed me to improve my time and skill with Xactimate. I had just finished a Level II Xactimate Training Course…..and Jonathan’s taught me more by far. Xactimate is no longer the time vampire it once was!!!!!” – Richard F. -Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

“This was my 2nd Xactimate Class – I sure wish I would have known about your class the first time around. I could have saved a lot of money and time. Your teaching background definitely shows. I leave your class with the confidence that I can go to the field and write a competent estimate. Thanks a million. Hope to see you in the field.” – Gary S. Gulf Breeze, Fl.

“As a beginning adjuster I’ve had some training on Xactimate but John’s class put it all together for me.   I now feel capable and confident working a storm with the ability to produce quality work, which in turn means more closed claims.  If I would have had Johns class before Hurricane Ike I feel like I could have made an extra 10 to 20 thousand dollars.  With my new skills I look forward to storm season and the opportunities it will bring.” – Lucy B. Mobile, Al

“All I can say is that I received more training and information than I paid for.  I can’t thank you enough.  Your teaching background shines as you present the material.  I would recommend you to a person new to adjusting as well as those who need to brush up on their skills.  I definitely will send all my friends to you.” – Connie R.   Mobile, Al


Instructor Glenn Smith began his career in insurance during Hurricane Alicia in 1983 as an independent insurance adjuster working for Wardlaw Claims Service in Waco, Texas. During his 16 year tenure with Wardlaw he worked numerous Wind and Hail claims both residential and commercial throughout the west and mid western United States. While working for Wardlaw Claims Service Glenn was also involved with Freeze losses from the Seattle and Portland area to Tornados across the Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Arkansas area known as “Tornado Alley”.

1999 brought a change to Glenn’s career. While attending a “Cat Camp” hosted by NCA Group in Dallas Texas, Glenn found new direction in the insurance industry. He joined the NCA team and in May of that year NCA Group launched the “Management” portion of his career by putting him in charge of adjusters who were working the largest tornado in U.S. history, the F5 tornado in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. While working in that capacity with NCA, Glenn has managed numerous “Storm Sites” from the 4 hurricanes in the state of Florida during the 2004 season to Katrina and Rita in which he had up to 60 independent adjusters looking to him for guidance.

Glenn began using the “DOS” version of Xactimate while working for Wardlaw Claims Service following the “Northridge Earthquake” in California. NCA added another element to Glenn’s career by involving him in their training process while educating new adjusters with the Xactimate system during the storm season in 2000. This quickly evolved into a full service training center which is now located in Ardmore, Oklahoma. NCA is committed to education and training for their adjusters and as “Director of Training” Glenn has provided hundreds of new adjusters the education they needed to begin a career in the insurance industry as well as providing the necessary advanced training required by the insurance companies for their individual certification courses.

Over the past 31 years Glenn has witnessed many changes in the claims handling process and he encourages his students to keep an open mind while processing claims in an ever changing industry. At present Glenn continues to educate adjusters with the whys and how’s of the insurance industry and challenges them to utilize the technological advancements available to them to bring efficiency to the claims handling process.

“Taking Glenn’s class has changed my life. I didn’t realize how much I learned from him in such a short time. Sign me up for the next round…I’m hooked!” – Susan B.-Toronto, ON

“I met Glenn while on hurricane duty in Orlando, Fla. in 04. The man knows Xactimate inside and out. This man can support, oversee and direct adjusters as easily as blinking, without the appearance of effort. Glenn’s ability to help adjusters get the job done is evident by the satisfaction of the principles we have been involved with. Glenn has earned the respect he receives from so many. It’s a pleasure to work with him because, we learn from him whenever we interact with him. AIA has done very well with aligning themselves with this talented and very knowledgeable professional.” – Wayne Mayo

“I have had the privilege to work with Glenn over the last 6 years. As a Trainer he has brought a system that has his attendees learning and comprehending the material as well as any classroom training I have presented or attended. Knowledgeable, diligent and willing to take time to assist all who ask questions.” – Jim Koch

“I met Glenn in 91 during the Lancaster Texas hail storm. Noted how up to date he was with anything electronic. I took an Xactimate class from Glenn in Okla. Very patient and helpful to all involved. Great motivator, concerned, good family man and great guy to be associated with. He will help anyone at any time.” – Wayne Maggard, Owner of Able Adjusting Svc.

“Glenn has a very unique gift. He can make the most complex situation seem so easy. He has a way to teach you something- without ever making you feel like you sat in class.
I can with all confidence, recommend Glenn and know he will direct and educate any one that will listen. He is a true asset to the team.”
– Valerie Riley


Tim Dempsey is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. After a brief stint in the teaching field, Mr. Dempsey began his career in the insurance industry with The Travelers (1977). He then took his talents to State Farm in 1978.

In 1979 Tim worked as a field claims representative during Hurricane David.

Since that storm, he has been involved in most every facet of the claims profession. His strong skills in both communication and organization have escalated him into one of the Nation’s top storm supervisors.

Mr. Dempsey has overseen many catastrophe operations, each having produced over 30,000 claims. Combining both commercial and residential losses, the operation in Minneapolis (1998) closed in excess of 33,000 claims and the operation in Omaha (2001) closed 32,000 + claims.

Tim has extensive training in earthquake claims handling (CEA), Xactimate, Risk Management, Fast Tracking Programs, Re-inspection Programs, Business Interruption, Quality Control and Policy Analysis. His attention to detail and high ethical standards have earned him a well-respected reputation with the insurance industry.

Some of the major storm sites Mr. Dempsey has managed began with Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and progressed through the Northridge Earthquake in 1994, Minneapolis hail in 1998, Omaha hail in 2001, the four hurricanes (FL) in 2004, Hurricanes Katrina & Wilma in 2005, Hurricane Ike in 2008, Hurricane Irene in 2011, Hurricane Sandy in 2012, on up through the floods and hail storms in Calgary in the summer of 2013.



Jim Back has been in the insurance adjusting business for 17 years. Jim has managed multiple events in both the first party and third party arenas. Prior to joining CRU, Jim has spent the last 13 years managing the Environmental Division for Pilot Catastrophe Services. He has helped manage 14 Environmental events to include chemical explosions, oil spills, pipeline leaks and many other pollution policy events. Jim is well versed in navigating in a strict liability and toxic tort environment.

Jim has Managed events for carriers such as AIG, ZURICH, Liberty Mutual, Allstate and many others. His largest managed event had over 300 adjusters and 65,000 claims, so Jim is very quick to let you know that the Admin, Adjuster and Management Staff you have with you is everything! Whether it a one on one meeting, or an Orientation for 200, Jim always teaches that teamwork and education are two “musts” that every adjuster must take very seriously.

Jim has now become certified to teach and manage an OSHA HAZWOPR (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) course and will now offer, monthly, a 40 Hour HAZWOPR OSHA Certification, in addition to the Environmental Adjuster Certification Course in the Stuart, Florida facility.

“We are all very excited to be putting a first-class Environmental Claims Team in place, while building this brand new Division in CRU! Everyone coming to the classes each month are so excited to get rolling, you can truly feel the energy!”



Kelli Stephens has spent the majority of her life in Texas, now resides in Owasso, Oklahoma.

Kelli Stephens began her career in the insurance industry by opening her own transcription business in 1993.  Her team transcribed nationwide subrogation auto accident interviews for a major national carrier. In 1996, she started another business in the medical insurance field and worked with doctors for the next 9 years taking care of all of their insurance needs.  In 2005, prior to Katrina, she obtained her Property and Casualty Adjuster’s license and was deployed to work Hurricane Katrina. She worked, for the next 14 years, as a claims examiner, field and desk adjuster in residential and commercial property, liability, flood and environmental catastrophe work as well as working daily claims. She has worked with Xactimate since 2008, Symbility since 2018, AS300, W5, File Trac, Xactanalysis, ECS, and Guidewire, as well as carrier’s claims management systems. Kelli’s training is extensive in policy interpretation, application of coverage, and customer service.

Kelli started with Catastrophe Response Unit, Inc., in 2016 as a field adjuster in Fort MacMurray, Alberta, Canada.  Following that deployment, worked as a Team Lead and assistant to the Director of US CAT Services for Hurricane Irma.  In early 2018 began teaching File Review Class for AIA Centers as well as working as QA Manager for CRU, Inc. Kelli is very detail oriented and passes that attention to detail onto her students.  Her goal as an adjuster, a manager and a teacher is to pass on her knowledge of the insurance industry and produce an organized, well written file for our carriers.

“Stan and I wish to thank you so very much for the file review class you taught.  Your expertise in handling situations was refreshing and we have enjoyed getting to know you.  Thank you! “ – Linda F. -Pensacola, FL.



Marla was born in Los Angeles, California, moving to Oklahoma City for twenty years and currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida. She attended Redlands Community College, Oklahoma City University and most recently, North Florida State University, majoring in Business Psychology.

After encouragement from AIA’s own, Jon Havens, Marla began her career in insurance during Hurricane Irma, September 2017. As a file reviewer, she quickly realized the insurance field and specifically, CRU, was a perfect fit for her task and detail-oriented skillset and people focused mindset. Along with file reviewing, Marla has experience with Symbility, Xactimate, Team Leading, Training and currently is a QA for Citizens MCM Dailys.

Previously, Marla was employed as a project manager for AOL and later, as a regional manager for Aaron’s Sales and Lease. Her focus with both companies was performance management and training.



Matt Singleton, after growing up in Missouri, joined the US Marine Corps and traveled the world with his job as a heavy equipment operator.

After returning home his education began in construction where he learned to survey, underground line locates, concrete, framing, roofing, siding, insulation and drywall, flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertops, tile, trim carpentry, acoustical ceilings, industrial custom cold storage construction and many other trades.  His career grew to owning a certified general contracting company and asset management company where he performs project management, jobsite superintendent on ground up commercial, residential, new and remodels and fire, wind and water damaged insurance claims work.

The knowledge and experience he learned over 30 years in some form of contracting, made it easy to merge into the insurance adjusting in 2013 starting in auto claims handling and moved quickly into property working with his wife as a team.  Matt started working with CRU in 2017 during Hurricane Irma, fixating on estimating software, onsite efficiency and material accuracy. Matt brings to the table vast knowledge in a price fluctuating, labor driven industry where accuracy in construction processes and material accuracy mean the difference between a good estimate and a poor estimate.



Shaunette Rose, originally from Toronto, Ontario, now resides in Calgary, Alberta. Shaunette is a Graduate of Sheridan College with a Bachelor of Social Work. Shaunette also has a diploma in Paralegal Communications and Business Administration.

Before entering the insurance industry, Shaunette had several years of experience has a Social Worker, working with at risk youths.  She also had worked as a Legal assistant to an Immigration Law Firm.

She entered the insurance industry in 2009. She now has over 10 years of insurance experience.  She has worked as a staff adjuster and an independent adjuster. She has experience in home, personal property, additional living expenses, business buildings, business income, property liability, personal liability, and auto claims handling. She has completed both residential and commercial claims.

Shaunette joined the CRU team as a desk adjuster handling property claims in 2012. Shaunette is currently serving CRU as a support staff, covering roles such as Manager, Team Lead, Trainer and Claims Adjuster.



Karrie Singleton was born and raised in central Missouri.  She attended the University of Missouri – Columbia specializing in the medical field.  After a tragic accident, which left her unable to pursue her career, she found herself in construction with her husband as business owners.

With 18 years of experience in this industry she honed her skills in estimating, invoicing, accounting, accounts receivable, property management software, construction software, vendor management software, developing business work flows for construction and property management contractors in both residential and commercial fields.  She managed and trained office and field construction teams across the country for property management vendor services.

She entered the insurance industry in 2013 starting in auto claims handling and moved quickly into property working with her husband as a team writing claims.  She started working with CRU in 2017 during Hurricane Irma as a claim’s writer, then moved into file review and finally storm management. Karrie uses her knowledge in residential and commercial construction, great work ethic and can-do attitude to help others succeed in the insurance industry.



Marion Laney, originally from historic Cheraw, South Carolina is now based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Marion attended Coker College, Daytona Beach College along with extensive workshops of specialized training in biology and technical disciplines.

Before entering the insurance industry, Marion managed crews for his father’s commercial roofing business and his mothers farm while in high school and college before taking a different direction into the media business. He continued his interest in construction working with his father in planning sub-divisions and managing timber auctions. Later he renovated homes in Columbia SC and with his partner moved into designing and building/remodeling spec homes in Atlanta and along the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama. One residence in Atlanta was featured in “Home” magazine and was the “set” for the hit Food Network/Cooking Channel TV series “Good Eats”, which his partner produced for 14 seasons.  In between deployments for CAT, he continues his interest in the food industry and media through serving on the national James beard Foundation Media Awards Committee and assisting with projects such as the FYI series with Zac Brown Band and with Bridgestone Golf commercials featuring Tiger Woods.

Throughout his media career he focused on industrial and commercial training, being called upon to create safety and training programs by Fortune 500 companies and associations such as Sonoco Products, Inc, SMRP (Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals), CDA (Copper Development Association), Georgia Pacific, Inc (Koch Companies), Georgia Pacific, Coke, Wachovia, South Carolina Electric and Gas, Colonial Life Insurance, Marriott, and hundreds more.

Marion entered the insurance industry during Hurricane Irma with minor damages to personal property on Dauphin Island, Al (300 homes lost on this island) and then again with a total loss home to Hurricane Katrina.  Using his logistics and home building skills he quickly reviewed the systems which survived these two back to back hurricanes and was the first to have a new-built property on the island’s West End Beach. The next test was the Deep Water Horizon Disaster which directly impacted Dauphin Island and caused huge BI disruptions. He was appointed by the Alabama Governor to the six person Alabama Coastal Development Commission to allocate and approve $25 Million in restoration funds for tourism and NGO support through the “Environmental” insurance fund established by BP. He held both a Florida and Alabama Realtor licence and was the founding member of the South Alabama Tourism Development Association.

He has worked as both an independent catastrophe and daily adjuster for residential property and commercial claims. He has handled large loss flood claims and carries IICRC designations for Water Damage, Fire and Smoke Restoration, Odor Control, and Structured Drying.  Marion is a designated HAZWOPER Trainer and is also a WIND and P.L.A.N. designated Appraiser. He has experience in home, personal property, additional living expenses, business buildings, business income, and property liability claims handling.

Marion joined the CRU team as a field adjuster handling property claims in 2018. Marion is currently serving CRU as a trainer in the new Environmental Division.