CALGARY ALBERTA AIA Center: 412 53rd Ave SE, Suite 4, Calgary, AB, T2H 0N4

Calgary, with a population of 1.2 million people is the largest city in the province of Alberta, and the 4th largest city in Canada behind Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Lying at the bottom of the Canadian Rockies, it is subject to very unpredictable and changing weather.

As the fastest growing area in Canada (it adds 50,000 residents a year) it is the petroleum and energy hub of Canada. Because of the high professional workforce, Calgary boasts the highest per capita income in all of North America.

Like all the major cities in Canada, the population is very diverse with approx. 15% Asian, 12% East Indian, and 7% Middle Eastern. There are also Greek, Italian, and Spanish areas of the city.

Calgarians are very active and there is a significant number of the downtown workforce that either walks, bus or rides the LRT (C train) to their jobs.

The city (and streets) is divided into four quadrants- North/South is divided roughly at the Bow River; West/East is divided at Centre St.

Please show extended courtesies to everyone you come in contact with. WE ARE GUESTS IN THEIR CITY.



Airport Code: YYC AIA Center: 412 53rd Ave SE, Suite 4, Calgary, AB, T2H 0N4

Currency: Dollars – $1 coin is a Loonie; $2 coin is a Toonie

Exchange Rate: currently about .92 US to $1 CAD. Bring US cash as you get more CAD in exchange

ATMs: US debit cards work in most bank ATMs with a daily draw limit of $200 to $300

Hotels: very expensive with changing rates – anything under $100/night is a good rate

Food Costs: very expensive, a simple fast food meal costs $10+

Vice Costs: Cigarettes – $13/pack, Skoal – $26/can; Adult Beverages – expensive

Sales Taxes: 5% GST (General Sales Tax)

Auto Rental: Use the TD Adjuster rate at Enterprise (about $30/day – need a major CC to rent)

Mass Transit: a very good system of buses and light rail, quick and cheap

Pro Sports Teams: Calgary Flames (NHL-hockey) and The Stampeders (Canadian Football League-CFL)

Cool Attractions: Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, The Tower, Canadian Olympic Park, The Dinosaur Area, Riding on Dog Sleds, Curling, Snowboarding, Festivals Every Weekend, Good Club Music Scene

Holidays: M 2/third Monday – Family Day, F– Good Friday, M – Easter Monday, M 5/Monday before May 25th – Queen Victoria Day, 7/01-Canada Day, 8/01-Heritage Day, 10/second Monday-Thanksgiving, 11/11-Remembrance Day, 12/26-Boxing Day

Laws: Jaywalking is not permitted, only cross at an intersection; cars must stop for pedestrians, no spitting, impaired is at .05, handguns are illegal

On Line Renting: in addition to craigslist, the Canadian version is

Where to Stay: These are a few of the nearby places that you can stay during your AIA Training in Calgary. Hotel prices range from $124.00-$199.00. Prices are subject to change based on seasonality. Distances were calculated using Google Maps.

Holiday Inn Macleod Trail South 403-287-2700             *2.0 kilometers from AIA Training

Center Blackfoot Inn 587-315-1217                                   *3.8 kilometers from AIA Training Center

The Sandman Hotel South 403-252-7268                       *4.9 kilometers from AIA Training Center

The Carriage House Inn 403-253-1101                            *5.6 kilometers from AIA Training Center

Delta Calgary South Hotel 403-278-5050                      *5.9 kilometers from AIA Training Center

Best Western Suites Downtown 403-228-6900            *6.4 kilometers from AIA Training Center

Ramada Calgary Downtown 403-268-7600                  *6.6 kilometers from AIA Training Center