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BA 101 -Basic Adjusting- 2 weeks

AIA’s two week class is designed to teach individuals what is required to become a staff or independent property adjuster. Recognized as one of the most effective starting classes, the course covers every aspect of adjusting including the tools needed, software use and damage recognition.

What you will need:  Please bring a laptop computer, printer, digital camera and tape measure. All other needed items will be provided. *Please download Xactimate demo (www.xactware.com) to your computer prior to class.

Price:   Registration must be done through the SOTC (Southern Oklahoma Technology Center).  Contact Glenn Smith for registration instructions gsmith@aiacenters.com.

 BA 106 –Scoping-Policy-Xactimate (SPX) – 5 Days

AIA’s 5 day course provides training on scoping, policy and Xactimate. This course is good for the new adjuster starting out as well as a  refresher course for the adjuster that may have not been working in a year or so and has the need of being brought back up to speed with the ever changing Xactimate software as well as changes in policy and scoping expectations of today’s client.

What you will need:A class manual will be supplied at the time of the class. You may prefer to a notebook for additional note taking.

Price:   $599.00

BA 107- California Earthquake Authority (CEA) – 4 Hours

AIA offers a 4 hour course in the Earthquake arena. With expectations of the “Big One” hitting sooner rather than later, AIA designed this course to bring adjusters up to speed on the present day requirements on handling earthquake claims. This course is based on CEA expectations and a certificate of completion will be given to all participants reflecting your attendance and ability to handle CEA claims.

What you will need:A class manual will be supplied at the time of the class. You may prefer to a notebook for additional note taking.

Price:   $ 120.00

 *LI 201 –Texas Pre-Licensing Course- 3 Day

AIA offers a 3 day course that consists of 40 hours (10 of which are self-study). Texas All-Lines Pre-license Course satisfies all Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) requirements for obtaining your Texas insurance adjuster license. Once you complete our course and pass our exam you are eligible to apply for the Texas All Lines License.The course is designed and taught by practicing adjusters who have worked on thousands of claims. They have designed the course to prepare you for some of the real life scenarios you will likely face in the adjusting world.

  • Provider # 65656
  • Course   # 88264 What you will need:A class manual will be supplied at the time of the class. You may prefer to a notebook for additional note taking.

Price:   $299.00

How to write a complete file with  Xactimate – 3 Day

AIA’s 3  Day  Xactimate course takes the student from A to Z in the life of a claim.  The course not only teaches the student to master the Xactimate program but also how to correctly incorporate photos and reports.  The course begins with the FNOL (First notice of loss)  and takes the student through writing a complete file, including correctly ordered photos and properly documented reports.  Students in this course will acquire the knowledge and skill to quickly create accurate estimates using a variety of Xactimate tools.  Students will complete a variety of practice estimates and hands-on Xactimate exercises throughout the 3 day Course to reinforce newly learned skills.  2 homework assignments are included with the course with instructor feedback provided.

    • Use of Xactanalysis with Xactimate
    • Setting of Preferences / Parameters (Labor Minimums, O&P etc.)
    • Creating Company Logos and Headers/MOS (Model Opening/Closing Statements)
    • Input Coverage Information – Revising /Adding Policy Info
    • Category Codes / Variables/Sub-Variables
    • Estimate Items (Quik Entry, Dimensioning)
    • Setting up a Grouping Tree (Adding/Deleting Folders)
    • Sketching Interior/Roofs
    • Repairing in Estimate Items and Sketch
    • Macros and Templates
    • Sketching  Roofs with Multiple Tie-ins
    • Sketching Multi-Story Dwellings
    • Images – How to Add/Edit and Place Annotations on your Images
    • Advanced Short Cuts,  Features and Estimating will be Used Throughout the Class to Speed Estimate Writing Skills
    • Incorporating EagleView/Hover
    • Data Transfer

What you will need:Laptop w/Xactimate version 28 loaded. *Please download Xactimate demo (www.xactware.com) to your computer prior to class.

Price:$695 USD  – Price is all inclusive. Includes Xactimate’s official workbook.

AA302 –Advanced Xactimate (Nothing but Sketch) – 1 Day

AIA’s 1 Day Nothing but Sketch Class is designed for the experienced Xactimate user that wants to learn to utilize all the tools and features Xactimate Sketch offers. This will help users produce accurate and professional estimates. The class begins with a short review of the basics of sketch, followed by an introduction to the advanced features and tools Xactimate offers from the Sketch screen.   Students will learn and practice estimating directly from the Sketch Screen and as a culmination activity the students will scope a mock flood of the training center and write an estimate using their new newly acquired skills

Eligible for 8 FL CE Hours Course # 81565
Eligible for 8 TX CE Hours Course # 94888
Eligible for 7 AIC CE hours Course # 37942

What you will need:Laptop w/Xactimate version 28 loaded. Please download Xactimate demo (www.xactware.com) to your computer prior to class.  Camera with a method of downloading pictures to your computer/ Tape measure or Laser to measure interior rooms. A notepad and pen.

Price:   $215 CAD – price is all inclusive.

AA303 – Making Sketch Easy- 4 Hours (Click to Register )

This 4 hour Xactimate Sketch class is a mini-version of AA 302. While AA 302 includes methods and practice estimating from the Sketch screen, AA303 concentrates on the sketching of diagrams only. It is a fast paced class intended for the Intermediate and above user level of Xactimate. Students will sketch various shaped rooms and roofs, both basic and advanced, to help reinforce tools learned in class.

Eligible for 4 FL CE Hours Course # 87948
Eligible for 4 TX CE Hours Course # 91091

What you will need:Laptop w/Xactimate version 28 loaded. *Please download Xactimate demo (www.xactware.com) to your computer prior to class.   A notepad and pen.

Price:   $149.00

AA304 – Exterior and Roofing Estimating with Xactimate

AIA’s 1 Day “Exterior and Roofing estimating with Xactimate” course is intended for the experienced estimator who wants to take control of this powerful property estimating software. The course covers Dimensioning and Sketching of Exteriors, Using EagleView with Xactimate, Sketching of Simple and Complex Roofs, Copying of Projects & Grouping Tree, and some of advanced features/tools that Xactimate offers.

Price: $225 CAD (Includes Tax)

AA305 – Scoping Damaged Home or Building

AIA’s 1 Day “Scoping Damaged Home or Building” course covers the basics of what to do from assignment up to estimate writing.  The course includes training in organizing your claims, researching the loss facts, scheduling your assignments, inspecting the property, diagraming the structures and noting the damages effectively and efficiently.

Price: $182 CAD

AA306– Understanding and Using Symbility

AIA’s 1 Day “Understanding and Using Symbility” course covers the demonstration and application of all the estimating features of the Symbility Software. Several insurance carriers and independent firms are utilizing Symbility as their primary property estimating platform.  It is essential to have applicable training in the use of this program prior to assignment of claims requiring this software’s utilization.  This course will provide the adjuster with the practical hands on training to secure this knowledge.

Price: $219 CAD (Includes Tax)

AA 401 Ethics, Fraud and the Claims Process- 2 Hours

Every industry has to deal with Ethics and Fraud. The Insurance Industry is no different.   When a claim is filed, there are situations which can pose as ethical dilemmas for the people involved in the claims process. This course attempts to define and describe the foundations of ethical decisions and also examines the opportunity for fraud in the claims process and what to do if one suspects fraud.
Eligible for 2 FL CE Hours Course # 87947
Eligible for 2 TX CE Hours Course # 95058
Eligible for 2 OK CE Hours Course # 1019417

What you will need:Writing materials will be supplied at the time of the class. You may prefer to a notebook for additional note taking.

Price:   $120.00

Our classes are available to independent, staff or potential adjusters.

We happily customize the training to meet a carrier’s specific needs.

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